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Partnership with our organization provides several benefits:

Market Exposure
  • Direct marketing of your skills on a confidential basis to our extensive network of client contacts.
  • Broad market exposure to a large executive community in Canada through periodic value-added mailings to our clients.
  • Ability to benchmark your rates against the marketplace to ensure that you receive your value’s worth while remaining competitive.
  • Ability to work with us on a non-exclusive basis. We recognize that talented executives already have their own well-developed networks of professional contacts, and thus may be reluctant to work exclusively with a single provider. That’s okay with us… our service provides value to you as a supplement to your own personal marketing efforts. We’re happy to have you benefit from our sales and marketing efforts and extensive market reach.
Sales Services and Opportunities
  • A Client Manager to sell your services to clients.
  • The knowledge that our marketing services are on-going and will be there to help you find your next engagement well before completion of your current assignment.
  • A referral service that provides you with an opportunity to co-sell our service with us – and be rewarded for your efforts.
Assessment Tools
  • Access to state-of-the-art assessment tools to help you understand your unique style and management competencies.
Administrative Services
  • As an interim executive working on our client's needs, you’ll be an independent representative of our organization. Client invoicing is done directly through our organization based on accrued days worked in the prior month. All invoices are promptly paid mid-month.
Financial Benefits
  • Higher Income 
  • Expense deductions as an independent business
Other Benefits 
  • Diversity of assignments
  • Challenging and interesting engagements
  • Freedom from internal politics
  • Prestige - clients listen to your advice when you're from outside
  • On-going professional evaluations and feedback sessions


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