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We approach each engagement through a structured process based on years of recruitment experience. Our state-of-the-art recruitment systems link researchers, recruiters and clients to locate the ideal executive for the role. The four key phases to our search process are as follows:

  • Position Profiling
  • Candidate Identification
  • Candidate Evaluation
  • Final Selection

Weekly reviews are conducted with the client and feedback is sought at each step of the process. At the completion of the search, our work continues as we stay in close contact with the client and candidate during ensuing months to ensure successful integration of the candidate into the client organization.

Position Profiling

The cornerstone of our search process is the position profile. Beginning with interviews of the hiring executive and key stakeholders that influence selection, we familiarize ourselves with the corporate history and culture. We assemble job descriptions; determine position scope and objectives, reporting relationships, role requirements, accountabilities, critical success factors and management & technical competencies.

Based on this information, a position profile is prepared including a narrative describing the organization, current situation, opportunity, purpose and scope of the position, key challenges, accountabilities, success measures, knowledge/experience and supporting management and technical competencies.

Candidate Identification

Using the requirements of the Position Profile we develop a comprehensive search strategy. Our resources include an extensive proprietary database and network of contacts. Research is conducted to identify people and organizations that are comparable to the client organization; select individuals and organizations are reviewed to identify candidates at the appropriate level. Internal candidates within the client's own organization are also considered.

Other recruitment methods may be recommended including media advertising, resume mining, or direct mailings to reach potential reference sources and candidates. The objective is an exhaustive search of all possible sources of candidates. Candidates are long-listed and prescreened to determine level of interest in the position and suitability in relation to the position profile.

Candidate Evaluation

Selected candidates from the Identification phase are contacted and qualified from all internal and external sources based on their match to the position profile. We assess strengths and weaknesses; identify growth areas, potential, and overall suitability to the client organization. Our evaluation process is objective - we interview high potential candidates assessing them against the competencies identified in the position profile.

Where appropriate, assessment tools are used to supplement our interview impressions and conduct informal reference checks through our extensive network of industry contacts. Our unbiased process ensures objective appraisal of all candidates.

Deliverables of this stage will include a short-list of three to four finalist candidates including resumes or fact sheets, and a candidate assessment report based on the competencies identified in the position profile.

We also provide in-depth behavioral assessment profiling to supplement the evaluation process. Finalist candidates are assessed according to intellectual ability, vocational incentives, lifestyle priorities, coping strategies, human relations, motivational factors, work habits and career interests.

Final Selection

At the final selection stage, we coordinate and schedule interviews with the client, conduct in-depth reference checks for finalist candidates, assist with the development and presentation of the employment offer. All unsuccessful candidates are subsequently provided with a debriefing to ensure a smooth and professional transition out of the process.

Transition, Project Review, Search Evaluation
Our services continue after the hiring process, with any new hire, there is an integration process for the candidate and client. We believe in a smooth transition and ongoing candidate development. Informal reviews are scheduled periodically during the subsequent six months of employment to assess candidate progress, identify issues of concern and discuss our own performance with the client.

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